Cape May-Lewes’ Ferry To Be Sunk 

Cape May-Lewes’ Ferry To Be Sunk 

Last month we wrote up an article about one of the Cape May-Lewes’ older ships, MV Cape May, being found after it had been missing for some time. You can check out that article below.

Cape May Ship Hull Found!

While doing that article we had tons of questions asking what happened to the other Cape May-Lewes’ ship, MV Twin Capes. After doing some research this is what we found.

Just a quick little refresher for you.

The Cape May–Lewes Ferry, which is owned by the Delaware River & Bay Authority (DRBA), operates a ferry service between Cape May New Jersey and Lewes Delaware. Currently they have three ferries, MV Delaware, MV New Jersey and MV Cape Henlopen. Before these ships they had a few other ships such as, the M.V. Cape May, MV Atlantic and MV Twin Capes. 

I think you’re caught up.

In 2014 the Delaware River & Bay Authority decided to put the two ships MV Cape May and MV Twin Capes up for sale. Even though the MV Cape May was the largest of the Cape May-Lewes fleet with a restaurant, a food court and two bars, it was a fortune to operate.

In 2017 the ship was sold to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control for around $200,000. The plans were to bring the ship to a Virginia Shipyard so that she could be stripped of anything harmful. Once completely stripped she would be brought back up to New Jersey to be sunk and become an artificial reef.

The ship is set to be sunk this summer. We hope to have a video to bring you!

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There are already 15 artificial reefs off the coast of Cape May that are made up of old war ships, fishing ships and even old New York City subway cars.

Below is a cool video did about the New York City subway cars being pushed into the ocean. It’s strange to watch.


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