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The Cape May Song You Didn’t Know Existed

About a month ago a fellow Cape May lover Lynn L, posted in the Cape May Facebook group Cool Cape May,” sheet music to a song that many of us didn’t even know existed.  The song was called “Cool Cape May” and after I read the lyrics I knew I had to record it.

Here is s little back ground on the song.

“Cool Cape May” was written (Music and lyrics) by husband and wife music team Ludy and Marge Love back in 1949.

Just like how I recorded the 1905 Wildwood song (CLICK HERE FOR THAT SONG)

I asked Lynn to send me an HD version of the sheet music and I plucked it out on the piano.

Due to the song being written in 1949 I could have sang it in a Jazz style but instead decided to stay more classical as Cape May is a Victorian Town.

Below there are two versions of the song. One is of me singing the lyrics and the other is of a violin playing the melody.

I really hope that you enjoy “Cool Cape May” and if you do please share it with your friends and family. It is always a pleasure to bring history back to life!

P.S. This may be one of my favorite recurring segments we do here. 

If you know of any old South Jersey song (older than 60 years) I would love to record it.

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Here we go!


“Cool Cape May” with vocals


“Cool Cape May” with Violin 

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