Could Cape May’s Decatur Ave Become Permanently Closed?

During the course of the Pandemic, many cities in the state allowed businesses to open up dining areas outside of their business. This allowed people to eat outside in places you normally wouldn’t be allowed.

In Wildwood they closed off sections of Pacific ave, here in Cape May they closed off a portion of Decatur.

This section was at the intersection where the Washington Street mall is. Here the Ugly Mug and the Fins Bar & Grill created a great outdoor space.

With the help of the Garden Club of Cape May, the area was beautified and created a great atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the temporary rule that allowed this outdoor space expired on December 31st but some businesses and visitors want to bring it full time.

An idea has been brought forward by the owner of the Fin’s that many people are starting to get on board for.

This proposal would close off the street and brick across the entire way. This new area would feature a dining area, bike path, a garden walkway, and a fountain feature.

Part of the area South of the Washington Mall would have the dining area while the North part would have temporary tables, chairs, and umbrellas. Those objects could be moveable to accommodate events. 

You can see examples of the proposed area by watching the video at the bottom of this page.

For now, this is just an idea but maybe down the line it came become reality.

Is this something that you would be on board for too? Let us know in the comment section.

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