Could Congress Hall Close For 3 Months?

Covid-19 has surely shaken the businesses of Cape May County. Due to the restrictions, not only on traveling but also on opening dates, many businesses suffered.

Could Congress Hall Close For 3 Months?

Could Congress Hall Close For 3 Months?

These businesses were hoping that things would be better by now to make up for loss summer revenue but with restaurants still at a capacity of a 25% some restaurants and resorts are having a hard time keeping their doors open.

It is common for places in Cape May to close for a few weeks after the new year. The businesses take this time to do any renovations and to get things together for the spring.

Over the past week we had heard rumors floating around that Congress Hall in Cape May was considering a three month shutdown. While Congress hall does participate in the normal shutdown, for it to be three months is unusual.

According to their website their last available booking night is December 30th. Once it hits 2021 the website doesn’t show bookable dates until Thursday April 1st.

A quick call to their reservation line proved to be very informative.

The receptionist explained that right now Congress Hall management are weighting their options on if they will stay closed during this time or open earlier.

She said that they are uncertain about how covid-19 will progress by then. With safety being their #1 priority they want to make sure to make the right call. She said they might have their answer in a month or so.

We reached out Cape Resorts for a comment but received none.

Let’s hope that things get better so that they can stay open!

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