Curley’s Fries To Open This Week!

Curley’s Fries To Open This Week!

Curley’s Fries To Open This Week!

Hey foodies! There is some great news coming this weekend.One of the biggest questions we have been getting from you all is “When will the Curley’s Fries open for the season?

As you may know, Morey’s Piers announced this past week that they will not be able to open for Memorial Day Weekend. If you want to read about that click the link below.

Morey’s Piers To Not Open For MDW

New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, had also ordered that the games, arcades to stay closed but allow stores to do curbside pick-up only, but let’s get to the good news.

Even though Morey’s Piers is closed, they decided to open up their Surfside pier location of Curley’s Fries starting on Friday.

This would be to-go only, so you won’t be able to sit down BUT it will be great to take it home. If you are anything like our family we get Sam’s Pizza and Curley’s Fries (plus a birch beer) and we are in heaven!

Hope to see you on the boardwalk!

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