Demolishing 2nd St. Annies Fairview and More

For the past few years, we have been boring you with the same excuse on why many of the projects in the Wildwoods have been on hold. That’s right, CAFRA.

CAFRA stands for the Coastal Area Facility Review Act. This act was installed in 1973 as a way to protect and regulate the Division of Land in areas that are within X amount of distance from the beach. Bottom line, it’s a permit the state issues after the site is considered safe for the environment.

Demolishing 2nd St. Annies, Fairview and More - Wildwood, NJ

Demolishing 2nd St. Annies Fairview and More – Wildwood, NJ

There have been five different projects in the Wildwoods put on hold while we wait for these CAFRA permits to get approved. 

Today we are giving you an update on one of those projects that were waiting for CAFRA approval.

Starting Thursday, October 7th, BG Capital started demolition on Pacific Ave. This block used to house 2nd St. Annies, Fairview, and M.T. Bottles.

This will become a new building called the Residences at Pacific

The project will be a 4-story mixed-use high-rise building which will contain 3 units of commercial space on the ground floor (mostly to house the two businesses there), and 74 residential/ Student units. The building will also include an outdoor swimming pool and associated patio/bar.

We stopped by the property on Friday, October 8th, and again on October 11th to film videos on the demolition. (and yes we did a drone video).

Most of this block will have major construction over the course of the next few years. Besides the Residences at Pacific, we will see a Comfort Inn and an outdoor bar (if approved).

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