Demolition Taking Place In Wildwood

Demolition Taking Place In Wildwood

Demolition Taking Place In Wildwood

We have some breaking news for you all tonight.

Fans of our website submitted this photo of a building being knocked down in Wildwood.

Located at 4800 Park Blvd in Wildwood, This location used to be an old Texaco gas station. It is a large location that take up the entire front of the block.

The Texaco gas station and it’s land has been abandoned for some time now. Back in 2017 we reported that it could become a fast-food restaurant, “Popeyes.”

We haven’t heard if that is the case or if they are just demolishing it due to it being a hazard.

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For those who don’t know what “Popeyes” is, it is a multinational chain of fried chicken. The company itself was purchased in 2017 by Restaurant Brands International. We don’t know if that is why “Popeyes” wasn’t built back in 2017.

Restaurant Brands International also own Burger King and  Tim Hortons.

Make sure you stay tuned so that you can get updates on whats going on with this lot.

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