Filming Going On In Wildwood!

Filming Going On In Wildwood!

Filming Going On In Wildwood!

We love it when we see film crews in The Wildwoods. It is always exciting to see The Wildwoods featured across the world. This time we are going to Canada!

The Rochefort family, a family of 10 from Montreal, Canada, is in town for their yearly family vacation. Right now they are being filmed for a documentary series titled “Many and Happy, on Vacation.”

It will be airing this fall on the French Canadian channel “Canal Vie.” Sadly we do not get this channel here in the states but we will be sure to find a copy online to share it with you all!

They had been filming all over the Wildwoods. I know we saw them on the boardwalk walking around.

For those who don’t know, back in the 60s Wildwood had a it’s own tourism booth in Quebec to attract Canadians down to the Wildwoods. Ever since generations of families travel down for one to two week stays.

We love when they come to visit! Tune back later for more photos and videos!

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Photo Credit: Wildwoods, NJ