This just in for the 2015 summer season… the WBID Unveiled the 2015 DOO WW Magnet Designs and Colors.

Last year the DOO WW Magnets flew off the shelves faster then you could say, “Oh Those Wildwood Days”. Over the winter the WBID, “Wildwood Business Improvement District Management Corporation”, went above and beyond to come up with four new great designs for this year.
In the past three years over 90,000 of the DOO WW Magnets have been given out, says the Jodie DiEuardo of the Wildwood Business Improvement District reported.  The magnets have been seen as far as Californian and Florida. People have loved to collect them and place them everywhere.

If you are looking to collect all four of the new colorfully designed beach ball magnets you can pick them up at the Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market. The Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market runs every Saturday from 8:00am until 12:00pm through Labor Day Weekend. The market is located at 3501 Pacific Avenue in Downtown Wildwood. To Make it simpler, it’s on the corner of Pacific and Schellinger Avenues.

The Wildwood Business Improvement District has also added something over the off season that you have hopefully seen already, a new website. Welcome to . The new website features the current Greater Wildwoods Calendar of Events, and much more. It is a one stop place for all of your Wildwood know-abouts.

While your at those and any other events, make sure to snap some photos and send them to us at

In Regards To The Photo attached with this article: Pictured in the photo, from left to right are Lori Roach of Laura’s
Fudge, Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano, Wildwood Commissioner Pete Byron and Wildwood Chief of Police Robert Regalbuto. They are all holding the new DOO WW Magnets for 2015