Douglass Fudge Celebrates 100 Years

Douglass Fudge Celebrates 100 Years

We have a big mile stone here on the Wildwood Boardwalk!

Douglass Candies aka Douglass Fudge, which is located at Wildwood Ave and the Boardwalk, has hit 100 Years of operation. This is such an amazing feat!

We reached out to Jason D. from Douglass to get the inside scoop on how the centennial.

The story behind the first store is very interesting. Jason said that his great uncle and founder Charles Douglass began his candy career in Philadelphia where he owned a store in Rittenhouse Square. 

In 1905, Charles and wife Flora moved to Wildwood where they opened the Douglass Hotel in 1913 on Atlantic and Pine Avenues, followed by a small candy concession stand on Cedar Ave in 1917. 

After some success with the candy concession stand, Charles moved his operation to the boardwalk at Wildwood Ave where the building remains today. Which, for those who don’t already know, is where the candy factory is. They make Hundreds of different kinds of candy.

One interesting fact is that the building was originally constructed by recycling an old army barracks from Cape May!

Now on to the 100 year celebration!

For 100 years Douglass will be bring back a few confections from many years ago but want to keep them a surprise until they come out.

They will be selling some 100 year memorabilia including tote bags, new boxes, tins, T-shirts, mugs, and more. They hope to have them all in stock by Memorial Day weekend.

The one question we do get from a lot of people is if the iconic dog logo was a real dog at one time. We made sure to ask that one for you!

Jason said said that “Many people believe that the Scottish Terrier was used as the logo to represent founder Charles Douglass’ Scottish/Irish heritage, but in reality it was just because he loved dogs!  He especially loved scotty dogs and he thought it would make the perfect logo.  He then decided to make our boxes plaid to represent his Scottish heritage.  We have stuck with it ever since!”

Be sure to stop by Douglass to try their famous fudge and salt water taffy!

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