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The Wildwood Power Plant Might Be History?

The Wildwood Power Plant Might Be History?

The Wildwood Power Plant Might Be History?

The Wildwood Power Plant Might Be History?

Did you know that Wildwood used to have their own electric plant on the island?

Between the blocks of Spicer and Spencer Ave lies a building that takes up the entire front block. This building was once called the West Jersey Electric Co. This building for the past 20 years had been home to the Billows Electric and The Trolley Restoration buildings.

Years prior they used to house many generators that would produce electricity for the Wildwoods including it’s trolleys.

Over the years the building started not to be needed as it’s parent company, Atlantic City Electric (ACE) was producing the electricity off island and pulling it in via landlines.

With the building not being needed ACE made the decision to evict Billows Electric and the historic trolley that was in the The Trolley Restoration building.

If you want to learn about the trolley and what they did with it link the link below. It is pretty cool to see history being saved from the early 1913s. 

Wildwood Trolley To Be Restored

We reached out to ACE to see what they were doing with the building and at this time they don’t know if they are selling, knocking it down or restoring it. Bottom line is that they have no  immediate plans on what they want to do with the building yet.

With it’s fate up in the air we decided to take our drone up in the air to video tape this historic building. We will tour the inside of the building soon so make sure your subscribed to our YouTube Channel. 

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