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Wildwood Trolley To Be Restored

Wildwood Trolley To Be Restored

Wildwood Trolley To Be Restored

Wildwood Trolley To Be Restored

Did you know that the Wildwoods used to have trolleys? It’s a little bit of Wildwood history that disappeared but lucky for us a piece of Wildwood history will be saved.

An interning article was posted in the Cape May County Herald  about an old Wildwood trolley that is going to be restored. This article really had us thinking about the history of trolleys in Wildwood.

From the early 1910s until the late 1940s trolleys ran up and down the Wildwoods

The 5 Mile Beach Electric Railway, which was the company who ran the trolleys, operated out of two buildings right at New Jersey and Spencer avenue. One building was the trolley barn and another was the main steam powered electrical plant.

At it’s peak the railway had over 24 running trolleys. Today only two of the orignal trolleys still exist. One of the trolleys, Five Mile Beach Trolley No. 24, was refurbished and now sits in the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton, PA. A second trolley car, Trolley No. 20,  was just unearthed this past weekend.

The Trolley Restoration project was created to help find funding to restore No. 20 but came up short after sitting for 20 years.

The Trolley Restoration project had reached out to the Liberty Historic Railway (LHRy) in Berkeley Heights, who helps to fund restoration of New Jersey Transportation, and they have agreed to restore the trolley.

We have some photos of what the trolley looked like sitting in the building. Check out the photos below.  [Credit: Joel Salomon]

Now picturing a trolley roll down the Wildwood streets are hard to imagine right? Well luck for us we have a video of a Wildwood Trolley. Check it out below!

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