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What’s Left Of The Wildwood Diner

What’s Left Of The Wildwood Diner!

We were filming one of our updates for the NEW Wildwood hotel, Paradise Hotel, when we stumbled upon some remnants of the Wildwood Diner.

If you want to see the update on the Paradise Hotel, click the link below.

Wildwood’s Paradise Hotel Update

As you may or may not know, the location of the Paradise Hotel, 4005 Atlantic Avenue, was home to the world famous Wildwood Diner.

It was built in the 1950s by Superior Diner Company of Berlin, New Jersey and then shipped over in trucks. It was remodeled in the late 1960s.

The main diner is a 16′ x 54′ stainless steel Jerry O’Mahony Diner built in the 1950s. A vestibule and two dining room areas were added onto the original diner in the early 1960s. The 5 section diner seats 127 customers, 110 booth seats and 17 counter stools.

When the housing/condo empire was booming it was sold in 2005 to become condos and was knocked down in August 2006. Sadly the lot sat abandoned due to the market crash.

While filming there for the past few weeks i didn’t even notice at first that this was still around. It was only until after they cut down the trees around the property did I notice it. (Watch in video to see what ‘it’ was)

Long story short, join us as we show you the only thing still around from the Wildwood Diner days. (Watch in the video below)

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So what do you think of our find? Did you know that the diner used to be here? Do you think they should keep the tile or plant new trees?

Comment in the post below with what you think.

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