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Exit Zero Bids Farewell to Cape May Ferry Terminal

Exit Zero Bids Farewell to Cape May Ferry Terminal

After nearly three years of bringing a unique blend of hospitality to the Cape May Ferry Terminal, Exit Zero Hospitality has announced its departure from the iconic waterfront location.

The company is currently working on an agreement with its landlord, the Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA), to terminate the lease as of March 1, 2024.

Exit Zero Bids Farewell to Cape May Ferry Terminal

Exit Zero Bids Farewell to Cape May Ferry Terminal

This strategic move aims to make way for a new tenant to take the reins of the terminal’s concessions in time for the upcoming summer season.

The decision to exit the Cape May Ferry Terminal comes after Exit Zero Hospitality’s innovative and successful tenure, during which they transformed the terminal into a vibrant hub for locals and tourists alike.

Jack Wright, the owner of Exit Zero, reflected on this journey, stating, “Creating the proposal for the ferry terminal in early 2021 was one of the most exciting and invigorating projects I’ve ever worked on.”

He continued by saying; “But we believe the time is right for a new hospitality group to come in and continue the evolution of this fantastic waterfront site. We are going to turn our focus fully back on Exit Zero Filling Station and will be announcing exciting new plans for our publishing side of the business.”

Heath Gehrke, Director of Ferry Operations for the DRBA, expressed gratitude for Exit Zero’s contributions, saying, “The Exit Zero team brought a lot of creativity and energy to the terminal. We’re grateful for the work they put into this project and look forward to handing the baton over to a new partner.”

While Exit Zero Hospitality prepares to bid adieu to the Cape May Ferry Terminal, they are not leaving without celebrating the exciting events that will unfold during the upcoming fall and winter seasons at Ferry Park.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the Exit Zero team has in store:

Halloween Weekend on October 29-30: Dive into the spooky spirit with a special dinner at The Lookout restaurant upstairs, followed by a ghoulish party in Exit Zero Ferry Station.

Major Art Show Openings in the Gallery: Don’t miss the captivating artworks of Greg Bennett on October 6 and Stan Sperlak on November 3.

Kids’ NYE Party on December 31: Welcome the new year with a bang as Exit Zero hosts a kids’ celebration, with an adult gathering upstairs in The Lookout for the grown-ups.

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The 18th Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper on January 27: Join the tradition and enjoy an evening filled with Scottish culture, poetry, and music.

For those seeking more information or inquiries about the upcoming events and Exit Zero’s future plans, please email

As Exit Zero Hospitality prepares to pass the torch to a new tenant, Cape May residents and visitors can look forward to a thrilling calendar of events, ensuring that the spirit of creativity and community continues to thrive at the Cape May Ferry Terminal.