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Explaining The Wildwood Boardwalk Renovations

Explaining The Wildwood Boardwalk Renovations

The Wildwood Boardwalk renovation project is in full swing with sections being torn down and built up fairly quickly.

We first announced the Wildwood Boardwalk renovation project back in February when the State of New Jersey announced their budget would hold some money to help repair the Wildwood Boardwalk.

The money would only help kick-start a project that would take five years to complete. This project would involve removing the current wood and concrete “tram way,” repairing the concrete supports, and then replacing the wood on top of the walk way. This walk way would now be completely made of wood. That would mean that there is no longer that long concrete “tram way.”

An example of what this would look like would be the 2008 renovation in front of Morey’s Mariners Pier. 

Without having any blueprints or sketches to explain the project better it left a lot open to interpretation on what was going on. 

Since it was the holiday weekend, many people visited our boardwalk. Those on the boardwalk sent us some really good questions about the project. These questions range from “will it be ready for the summer season,” “how will the tram car still run on it when there is no exposed concrete” to “will this also happen to the rest of the Wildwood Boardwalk?”

To make life easier I went ahead and compiled all the questions and created a video to explain it all.

Note, I filmed this one to look more like a broadcast rather than our normal videos. More on that next September (2022).

Before watching the video please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel. We at least had two new videos a week. 

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