Mudhen To Add Grain Silo And More

Mudhen has made a big name for itself since opening on the island back in April of 2018. If you have noticed it has tripled in size.

Located at 127 W Rio Grande Ave in Wildwood, its parent company, Sciarra Properties, LLC, had been purchasing more lots around it for expansion and parking. At this moment they own something close to 12+ lots (including commercial, residential, and vacant land)

Their last purchase was the old Seven Seas building. Click the link below for that article. 

7 Seas Cafe Purchased By Mudhen’s Parent Company

Today we learned that a new application to the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board had been submitted last week.

Sciarra Properties is seeking Amended Site Plan approval for adding a “brewer’s grain silo with a diameter of 10′-4″ to the immediate left of the existing brewery and to install thirteen (13) steel bollards with ornamental coverings adjacent to the restaurant and brewery waiting area along Rio Grande Avenue.”

The brewer’s grain silo means that we could be seeing an even bigger selection of local beer. (maybe we see their brand featured in a few liquor stores?)

The steel bollards are heavy-duty posts embedded deep into the substrate and filled with concrete. Our guess this would be to replace the current ones that are in the waiting area.

A Public Hearing will be held before the Planning/Zoning Board on this Application on January 3, 2022, at 6:00 PM in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room located on the second floor of City Hall, 4400 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, New Jersey.

Access to the meeting is also available via the Zoom format. To obtain the link, please contact the Board Secretary, Kate Dunn, at 609-522-2444 ext. 2910. 

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