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Famous Wildwoods Sign To Drop “S” Letter

Famous Wildwoods Sign To Drop “S” Letter

The next time you come and visit the Wildwoods, you may notice something very different.

For over a decade, the famous Wildwoods Sign has been welcoming millions of visitors to the island.

Famous Wildwoods Sign To Drop “S” Letter

Famous Wildwoods Sign To Drop “S” Letter

Located at Rio Grande and the Wildwood Boardwalk, this sign has become the most photographed place on the island.

Families have made it a tradition to take a photo of the giant beach balls in front of the sign as a way to remember their vacation.

Visitors though always wonder why it’s called “Wildwoods.”

It’s a quick simple answer, the island as a whole consists of many smaller cities including North Wildwood, Wildwood, West Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, and Diamond Beach.

The Wildwoods is a collective name for a group for all of these resort towns, though many people assume that the entire island is just called “Wildwood.”

Since so many people have been confused by this, the resort towns have come together and have decided to drop the final “s” to just say “Wildwood.”

The vote came down to a 4 to 1 result, with Diamond Beach voting in favor of it staying “Wildwoods.” Since it was a majority vote, the “S” will be coming down.

There is no date as of yet on when the “S” will be removed but it is said that it will be before the summer season starts.

If you have made it all the way down to the bottom of this article then you should be let in on a bit of a secret.

Today is April 1st 2024, which means it is April Fools Day. That’s right, this has been a fun little prank. The letter “S” in the Wildwoods sign is NOT going anywhere. 

I (Joey) hope you have a fun day and remember there are a ton of pranksters out there in the World!

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