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Joe Joe’s Tacos and Tequila is Expanding

Joe Joe’s Tacos and Tequila is Expanding

Exciting developments are underway on Olde New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood.

Amidst the ongoing transformation, from the Inlet’s new building addition across the street to the anticipation of a great breakfast spot opening this summer, there’s yet another buzz-worthy addition on the horizon.

Joe Joe's Tacos and Tequila is Expanding

Joe Joe’s Tacos and Tequila is Expanding

Last summer, the sale of 205 Olde New Jersey Avenue for $650,000 was announced.

For several years, this building had been home to the Curiosity Shop, a beloved clothing store in the area.

Speculation ran rife regarding the fate of the property post-sale. However, last summer during a North Wildwood city meeting, “201 OLDE NEW JERSEY AVENUE, LLC” applied for an expansion of their “Temporary COVID-19 Permit to the Adjacent Property To-Be-Purchased,” hinting at plans for the location.

201 Olde New Jersey Avenue should sound familiar since it is currently occupied by Joe Joe’s Tacos and Tequila. This would indicate their intention to acquire the adjacent property and expand.

Subsequent to the sale, noticeable changes occurred to the existing building, including the removal of awnings and the addition of a sizable bar up front.

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Despite these alterations, there was no official announcement regarding the property’s future. Was it going to be demolished, or was it going to be renovated?

Recently, a new application has been submitted to the Municipal Issuing Authority of the City of North Wildwood giving us our answer.

This application seeks to transfer and expand Joe Joe’s plenary retail consumption license to encompass both 201 and 205 Olde New Jersey Avenue.

However, the most significant news came with the demolition of the Curiosity Shop over the winter, making way for a substantial expansion.

In an announcement on Instagram, the Joe Joe’s team stated, “It’s official…Thanks to the Curiosity Shop for the memories. We promise not to disappoint with what we have in store for you next, North Wildwood! The Entertainment District is about to get a whole lot more entertaining!”

The Wildwood Video Archive will be sure to include this new expansion in our monthly Wildwoods Construction update video.

Check out our March  Wildwoods Construction Update Video below.

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