Fire In Wildwood Crest Motel Quickly Extinguished

With motels and hotels getting ready for a busy Memorial Day Weekend this week, there is some misfortune and luck for one. If you were in Wildwood Crest yesterday you may have smelt something burning. 

Fire In Wildwood Crest Motel Quickly Extinguished

Fire In Wildwood Crest Motel Quickly Extinguished

Around 6 PM, a 911 call was placed after smoke was observed at the 6400 block of Ocean Ave.

The building in question was the Olympic Island Beach Resort which is located at 6401 Ocean Ave in the Crest.

According to photos and the police scanner, room 318 (on the top floor) had smoke coming out of it.

This fire was only a 1st alarm assignment but trucks from Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood, and the Rio Grande companies came for backup.

As trucks rolled up they added ladders to the first floor which has the pool deck. From there they made their way up to the third floor.

The fire was quickly knocked down and contained to the unit of origin. (318)

The good news is that the motel was unoccupied at the time of the incident, which meant there were no injuries.

The fire is now under investigation by the Cape May County Fire Marshal’s Office.

A BIG thank you to our amazing first responders who are trained to handle such commercial fires.

If they weren’t so good at what they do this fire could have taken down the full motel. (which wouldn’t have been good for the family who owns the motel)

The City of Wildwood Fire Department uploaded photos on Facebook of the fire. Check them out below. (they also have a video on their Facebook page you can check out)

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