North Wildwood Beach Closure List

This weekend is going to see temperatures hit as high as 90 in Philadelphia and as high as 85 here in Wildwood.

North Wildwood Beach Closure List

North Wildwood Beach Closure List

With only a week to go until Memorial Day Weekend, these temperatures are screaming “I need to be on a beach!” (which we agree).

There is something we need to go over before you pull out that chair and catch those rays.

This weekend there are NO lifeguards on duty on ANY part of the beach. From the Inlet all the way to Diamond beach, there is NO protection.

As a reminder, you should ONLY swim when a lifeguard is present. We have some wicked rip currents this weekend so it is not a good idea to go out past waist-deep.

The ocean temperature will be 52.5° this weekend so the water won’t feel too warm.

In North Wildwood there are going to be many streets closed off.

It’s no secret that storm/beach erosion really hurt the beach replenishment that has been going on for the past few months.

The storm last week took off about a quarter of the sand that was hauled over.

To get the beaches ready for Memorial Day Weekend and the summer months, the city of North Wildwood has decided to close off the beaches from the 2nd to 20th avenues.

This is because heavy trucks and machinery will be there moving and pushing the sand in place.

You don’t want to place your chair in the middle of the truck’s path because you will become a part of the beach.

The beaches will be open South of 20th (20th-26th) and the inlet beach.

For updates on beach closures check out North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism page on Facebook.

In their post, they go on to say, “The city of north wildwood appreciates the patience from the general public during this difficult time, as we work to build a beach for the residents and visitors in response to recent damage from coastal storms.”

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