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Former Wildwood Rite Aid To Get New Life

Former Wildwood Rite Aid To Get New Life

For the past few years, the Rite Aid, which was located at 4201 Atlantic Ave in Wildwood had been closed. At the time management said the location shut down as part of Rite Aid’s trimming of the beard.

Former Wildwood Rite Aid To Get New Life

Former Wildwood Rite Aid To Get New Life

You see, Rite Aid was purchased by Walgreens back in 2016. Walgreens wanted to close some locations that were too close to each other. Since the closest Walgreens was only a 4 minute drive, they decided to close this location.

The building had sat ever since with no movement on the property until now.

Those who have passed the building these past few days would have noticed that the exterior of the building was getting a new paint job.

This had many people Googling to try and find out what is going in it’s place. With help from our friend Mark from, we may now know whats going in it’s place.

A few job opportunities have posted online for the address “4201 Atlantic Ave.” Some of the jobs include Customer Service Representative and Assistant Store Manager.

The business attached to the listings? Family Dollar!

A quick job description says that “Family Dollar is seeking motivated individuals to support our Stores as we provide essential products at great values to the communities we serve.”

While the listing continues to provide more details about the job the important part is the store number. Listed in that was the store number 33479.

At the time of this writing there is no store number 33479 in the Family Dollar system. This could mean two things, A, since the store hasn’t opened yet it’s not on their website or B, this location isn’t 100% confirmed yet.

If this is true this would make this store the second Family Dollar location on the island. The first one is in North Wildwood at 2504 Delaware Ave, near the ACME.

Let us know if you would like a second location on the island.

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