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Trying To Win A Sunny the Seagull – Morey’s Piers

Trying To Win A Sunny the Seagull – Morey’s Piers

There is a new phenomenon hitting the Wildwood Boardwalk this summer… the Sunny the Seagull stuffed animal.

Trying To Win A Sunny the Seagull - Morey's Piers

Trying To Win A Sunny the Seagull – Morey’s Piers

At the beginning of the summer, Morey’s Piers introduced this new plush toy, Sunny the Seagull with a Curley’s Fry in its mouth. This little guy comes in a few sizes and on its belly, it says “Morey’s Piers.” (Which means you can only get these on the Wildwood Boardwalk)

Anyone who has ever tried to eat anything in public would know that Wildwood Seagulls are relentless in ripping food out of your hands and eating it.

For Sunny the Seagull to have a Curley’s Fry in its mouth, is very fitting.

Since its introduction on the boardwalk this past May, people have gone nuts for this toy. Never before have a seen a Facebook group created just for a plush animal. It’s so popular that people are winning to pay upwards of $50 online to purchase one.

Many of our followers have reached out asking us if we have ever won one of these plush animals. We first introduced the character in our Memorial Day weekend video and joked about needing to win three of them for all the girls in my life.

Since then I haven’t tried to win one…. until now.

My executive producer and wife suggested we go up and try to win one. Since they first appeared they are being placed on harder-to-win games such as the ringtoss game.

Join us as we try to win one of these guys. Before you watch the video please consider subscribing to our Youtube Channel.

A special thank you to our patrons on It’s because of them I get to do fun videos like this.


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