Ghost Boat’s Location Is Unknown – Notice to Mariners

There is something very interesting happening off of the coast of New Jersey. An expensive abandoned boat is floating out to sea and no one can find it.

Ghost Boat’s Location Is Unknown - Notice to Mariners

Ghost Boat’s Location Is Unknown – Notice to Mariners

On Sunday, July 25th, the Coast Guard Air Station in Elizabeth City, North Carolina responded to a mayday call just 60 nautical miles southeast of Cape May, N.J.

The passengers of a 40 foot Ocean Yacht were stuck in rough waters and felt that their lives were in danger.

Our amazing Coast Guard crew lifted the boat’s passengers to safety and left the boat behind with the intention of retrieving it after the storm.

Lucky for us the rescue was caught on camera. If you want to watch that scroll down to the bottom of this article.

This past Tuesday, the owner of the boat hired Sea Tow Cape May to find the boat a retrieve it.

Sea Tow chartered a plane for the search and was unable to find it. According to the US Coast Guard, the boat had an active Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon on board, and was active at the time of rescue.

No word if its transmission had stopped or is out of range.

It’s assumed that the boat is just being piloted by a ghost and it’s taking the boat for a spin.

If you happen to see it floating around please give Sea Tow a call!