Great Nor’Easter Update


Now that we are in the New Year (2017) we figured we would give you an update on the Great Nor’Easter’s progress at Morey’s Piers’ Surfside Pier. This is our exclusive Great Nor’Easter Update. 

The first thing we can share with you is this the construction of the new sign for the Great Nor’Easter. As we are told, the Great Nor’Easter, or what we call it, “The GNE” will be keeping her name but will drop the “The.” From now on we will just refer to the coaster as Morey’s “Great Nor’Easter.” Simple enough. (See Photo) 

Great Nor'Easter Wildwood

Great Nor’Easter Sign Under Construction


The second thing we would like to share with you is a video we put together of just flying over the pier in a drone. We put together a little montage below.


While you are here, check out the latest building that was knocked down.  (Click Here To See Article)