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Halloween in the Wildwoods 2022

Halloween in the Wildwoods 2022

Over the past few years, the Wildwoods have seen an uptick in people saying in the off-season.

Usually when the kids start to go back to school and all of the attractions on the boardwalk close to the island calms down a bit.

The 2020 covid-19 pandemic changed that.

That year folks decided to call the Wildwoods home full-time. This was evident when the holidays would come around and 10 times the amount of houses were decorated.

With people retiring early or just wanting to get a fresh start, the island has slowly become busier.

Due to this some businesses, like Uries, have chosen to stay open longer into the off-season. More places are also staying open year-round like Little Nicky’s and Santucci’s.

This is all great news, especially for this upcoming Halloween weekend.

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For those who may have forgotten to purchase Candy at Walmart, this upcoming Monday is Halloween.

Last night the Wildwood Video Archive team drove up and down the island taking pictures and videos of our favorite decorated houses.

This is a yearly thing we do to show those who can’t make it down what their favorite town looks like during this creepy time of year. (Halloween).

While that video won’t be on Youtube until Sunday, you can check out last year’s video at the bottom of this page.

Driving around the island today we are still seeing tons of houses decorated for Halloween.

So the big question we have been getting is what is there to do this weekend in the Wildwoods.

On Saturday, October 29th North Wildwood and Wildwood will be holding their own Trunk or Treat.

Wildwood’s will take place at Fox Park (4500 Ocean ave) from 3-6. The event is free for adults and children, but decorated automobiles must be pre-registered. To register for this family fun event click here

North Wildwood’s Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Block Party will take place on Olde New Jersey Ave from 5:30 pm-7 pm. There will be no judging of the children’s costumes, but prizes will be awarded to the best-decorated vehicles. Registration is free. Vehicle check-in is at 4:30 p.m.

The biggest thing taking place this weekend though is the Phillies World Series.

Many of our bars down here will be running specials so reach out to your favorite place and get your weekend seat ready!

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