Hello New Boardwalk Mall, Goodbye Retro Arcade

Hello New Boardwalk Mall, Goodbye Retro Arcade

For awhile now we have been getting tons of emails and messages on Facebook in regards to what is happening with the Boardwalk Mall. It was just announced on Facebook that “New Ownership, New Management, New Look, New Shops! Actively looking for the right businesses to join this new exciting shopping experience on the Wildwoods, New Jersey Boardwalk!”

With this brings excitement as to what will be going in the Boardwalk Mall but at the same time it brings sadness as the Retro Arcade will not remain with the new changes in the Boardwalk Mall.

Randy Senna, who owned and operated the Retro Arcade, posted a long message on his Facebook wall explaining in detail why the Retro Arcade is not coming back the Boardwalk Mall.

Below is his message,

“Well gang, the rumors are starting about the Boardwalk Mall…. This is a very long and complicated story for me, so for now, just let me say that the Boardwalk Mall HAS been sold…. And that I am NOT the new owner. The new management has indicated that they will keep the Boardwalk Mall in operation, however, much of their plans have not been disclosed. It is my understanding that offers to remain as a tenant in the Boardwalk Mall have been made, or are in the process of being made, to all, or most all, of the tenants who are already in business operation within the Boardwalk Mall…. I am very sorry to announce that NO OFFER to remain in business at the Boardwalk Mall has been made to me. I inquired why it seems that I was the only one NOT being offered the opportunity to stay in business at my location within the Boardwalk Mall, and I was informed that they decided early on when they were working to buy the Mall, that the Retro Arcade would have to go, based upon the amount of space that the Retro Arcade takes within the Mall, and the feeling that the new owners have, that that space can be much better utilized for their plans of operations. No offer for the Retro Arcade to remain at the Boardwalk Mall at ANY price was made by the new owners.

Over the last few days, I have started the very long and hard task of disassembling all the wonderful treasures which made up the Retro Arcade at the Boardwalk Mall…. I expect this long process to continue daily until Christmas… While others are celebrating their holidays, you know where I will be…. I will be moving equipment. A few people have stopped by over the weekend to see if we were open, and when learning that we were never to open in that location again, a few wanted to come in for a last time… One lady, with tears in her eyes, wanted to play a last few games of Fascination…. But I was NOT permitted to allow ANYONE into the Mall, as STRICT ORDERS have been given by the new management that NO ONE can enter without their express permission. It breaks my heart to have to turn away my friends.

I am sorry that so many people will be so disappointed and devastated to find the Retro Arcade is gone without any trace of what once was at that location. The joy the the retro Arcade brought to so many, will live on only in our memories now. I will do my best to find another location where at least some of the fantastic machines from the Retro Arcade, can remain lit, with bells and whistles clanging…. we will see what the new Summer Season brings for us all… However, I will NOT be seeing any of you at the Boardwalk Mall…. Now, the Remember When Retro Arcade at the Boardwalk Mall will live up to it’s name… as we can ALL “Remember When” there was that wonderful Retro Arcade in the Boardwalk Mall… and now, IT IS GONE.”

We hope that Randy and the Retro Arcade will find a new home somewhere on the boardwalk this summer. As for the rest of the Boardwalk Mall we wonder what will take the place of where the Retro Arcade once sat? It was rumored that a new restaurant would go there but right now let’s just leave it to rumor.

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