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Yesterday Randy, the guy who owns all the games in the retro arcade, posted on Facebook on what is going on and what led up to this. Below is his comments. 


The future for the Boardwalk Mall is very uncertain, and not looking too good for it continuing as we know it.

I was notified in early June, that an offer to buy the Mall was made.

In my lease, I have first right of refusal purchase option, which I exorcised with the first step of purchase, which is a letter of intent, matching the terms of the offer as told to me by the seller.

all summer has passed and the Mall owner had NOT responded to my letter of intent for my purchase of the Mall.

It could be that they are simply not going to sell the Mall which is their choice…

Or it could be that the Mall owner is NOT going to honor my legal option to purchase the Mall, and sell it to the other buyer….

This could end up in a really big mess, but as it stands for now, I must assume that the Mall will not be continuing, and that all the tenants of the Mall will be receiving notice to move out over the next several months.

If this plays out as I have described, then I have 3 choices…

A; re-locate to a new location…..

B; store all the equipment

C; sell all the equipment

A, is not so easy to do…. 
B. is the way it will probably end up
C, could happen if someone looking to open a Retro Arcade sees what a fantastic opportunity this is, and has the money to make the purchase.

Time will tell which way the events will turn….

And what will happen to the Boardwalk Mall.

I see rough roads ahead, and years in Court are quite possible.”

One More Boardwalk Fireworks!!!!!