Historic House Moves To Cape May!

Historic House Moves To Cape May!

Historic House Moves To Cape May!

We have an update on a story we did a few weeks ago.

For those who don’t know, last June we shared with you a story about the saving of the historic Avalon House.

We have a story explaining the history of this house that you can learn about by clicking the link below.

Moving The Avalon House To Cape May

The short end of the story is that this 1895 Queen Anne-style house was saved from demolition. In order to save it they had to move it from Avalon to Cape May.

For the move, the house was broken down into three sections for transportation.  This past march the bottom of the house was delivered to it’s new home in Cape May. You can check out the move by clicking the link below.

Moving A Victorian House To Cape May

The bottom section needed to have much work done in order to place the other two sections of the building on top of it. The biggest things that needed to be done was the foundation and supports. Once they were built they needed to get approved to be able to handle the weight of the other sections.

You can see what the house looked like once it arrived by clicking the link below.

Avalon House Move Update

Now we find ourselves at today! The two other sections of the house made their way from the storage facility and took the same route the bottom section did. (Cue “On The Way To Cape May)/

We found some great videos and photos of the move and wanted to share them with you.

Check out the house’s journey below!

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Thank you those below!

Credit: Elizabeth Mcleod (Video)
Credit: Jeffrey Gaskill (Video)
Credit: George Swoyer (Video)
Credit: Jenn Fedorchak (Photos)
Credit: Harold Haug (Photos)
Credit: Kathy Bunt Truesdale (Photos)