Historical Find in House Demo

Historical Find in House Demo

Historical Find in House Demo

Scott Lang uploaded an awesome find to Facebook yesterday that is right out of a time machine.

His post read;

“So my buddy was demoing a house on Wildwood Ave in WW last month and found this little gem behind the wall under some steps…its a soda coupon from 1913 Wildwood Ocean Pier..5 cents..thats one of my favorite things about opening up older houses..its amazing how a house begins to reveal its history little artifact at a time !!”

For those who don’t know, Ocean Pier was the first amusement pier to be opened, at Poplar Avenue.  It was home to a ballroom for dancing and musical acts, a carousel and a game-room.

Ocean Pier was purchased by William Hunt in 1935 and converted to an amusement park with rides.

One interesting fact is that we put the price of the soda at .5 through a inflation calculator and found out that would be $15.23. Thank goodness it doesn’t cost that much for a soda today!

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