Harry’s Corner Back Up For Rent

Harry’s Corner Back Up For Rent

Harry’s Corner Back Up For Rent

About a month ago we announced that Harry’s Corner, located at 3420 Boardwalk. (That is on the corner of Cedar avenue and the boardwalk) was up for rent and looking for a business to move in. You can read about that using the link below.

Harry’s Corner Is Up For Rent!

A few short weeks after that we had announced that a business was making it’s way into there but it looks like things have changed. The business that was getting put in there is looking elsewhere which means that Harry’s Corner is back up for rent!

It’s a prime location so before you know it something amazing will be there!

What would you like to see on the Wildwood Boardwalk? Comment in the Facebook post and tell us!

Tune back in for more information!

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