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Harry’s Corner Is Up For Rent!

Harry’s Corner Is Up For Rent!

While filming on the boardwalk the other day we noticed a small sign on the boardwalk famous Harry’s Corner. As we got closer we couldn’t below our eyes. Harry’s Corner is up for rent!

Harry’s Corner, for those who don’t know, is the restaurant located at 3420 Boardwalk. That is on the corner of Cedar avenue and the boardwalk. It is a staple of the Wildwood Boardwalk since it opened in the later 1980s.

Before it was Harry’s Corner the location was home to a combo of things such as the Casino Royal, Steel’s Fudge and a small restaurant.

That location, if you remember had three large signs on the block. The first was “Medford’s Phillies Franks,” second ones “Coca-Cola” and last it was the Hing Wong restaurant. (Yes, there used to be a Chinese restaurant on the boardwalk).

Out of all those signs only the “Coca-Cola” is still standing thanks to an amazing job by ABS signs for rehabbing the old one. They had a big celebration last year to welcome it back. Check it out below.

Many of our follower brought up to us that Harry’s closed very quickly after Labor Day weekend and hadn’t re-opened since. While this is common with some Wildwood businesses, Harry’s always stayed open through the closing of Morey’s Piers in October.

We reached out to the number to get more information but got the answer machine for Splash Zone.

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We filmed what it looked like the day we stopped by. Check it out below.

We hope to get more information on what will replace Harry’s Corner next year or if we could see a return of Harry’s

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