Back in August we alerted you of yet another camera crew coming to Wildwood to film. With some research we saw that “Hotel Impossible” was making their way down to Wildwood from  August 29 (twenty-ninth) through September film at the White Caps Motel in North Wildwood.

The White Caps Motel, located at 310 E 25th Ave, North Wildwood.

We are pleased to announce that the Wildwood episode of “Hotel Impossible” will air November 28th at 10pm on the Travel Channel. We suggest to check your local listings as they may change depending on where you live. 

The episode is titled, “Jersey Shore Uproar” and the Description is as followed “The White Caps Motel in Wildwood New Jersey, is in financial Trouble with an underpaid general manager.”

We look forward to seeing it on TV !! 


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