How Are Wildwood’s Gas Stations Fairing?

How Are Wildwood’s Gas Stations Fairing

How Are Wildwood’s Gas Stations Fairing

Lately, we have been getting tons of questions about the gas situation down here in the Wildwoods.

Some of those questions range from “do Wildwood gas stations have a shortage of gas?” to “are Wildwood gas stations still open?”

Let’s quickly break down what’s going on.

For those who don’t know, last Friday there was a ransomware attack on the colonial pipeline. This pipeline runs from Texas and serves states from George to New York.

The attack caused the system to completely shut down until just yesterday.

Even though the pipeline is open the gas delivery has to catch up to pre-attack levels which could take five more days.

This delay in gas has caused many gas prices to jump up in price including the gas stations in and around the Wildwoods. Just two days ago gas at the Rio Grande WaWa had jumped up to $3.07.

Overall though, we haven’t run out of gas and I haven’t seen many gas stations in Cape May County have any problems at all.

This means that you will have no problem coming down to the Wildwoods for this weekend.

There are so many amazing places open this time of year so come down and enjoy our beautiful island.

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