Nan and Pop’s Kitchen Open Today!

This week has been a week of Grand Openings.

Nan and Pop's Kitchen Open Today!

Nan and Pop’s Kitchen Open Today!

The corner of Wildwood and Ocean Avenues is now the new home to a new family restaurant Nan and Pop’s Kitchen.

This restaurant has been in the works for more than six months with the owners completing a full redesign of the inside. As you know this location used to be the home of the Lobster Shack, so they had their work out for them to convert the place.

We first broke the news of Nan and Pop’s Kitchen a few months back. If you would like to read about that click the link below.

New Restaurant To Take Over Lobster Shack – Nan and Pop’s Kitchen

Nan and Pop’s Kitchen will be a completely different restaurant than what you are used to down here.

They will be focusing on serving traditional, home comfort American food, the same kind of menu that you would expect on a home-cooked meal.

On top of this, they wanted to create a theme that made you feel at home. Walking into the restaurant will be like you’re walking back in time.

Their menu features many comfort dishes such as Chicken Pop Pies, Pop’s Meatloaf, Glazed Honey Ham, Crabby Chicken, and more. They will also be serving breakfast. 

To check out their menu click the link below.

Nan And Pop’s Menu

To start, the restaurant will be open Thursday-Saturday 7 AM-1 PM for breakfast and lunch, 4 PM-10 PM for dinner, and then 6 days a week (closed on Sundays) starting June 23rd.

You did read that correctly! They are closed on Sundays.

Be sure to tune back later for updates.

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