How Michael Will Impact South Jersey

How Michael Will Impact South Jersey

How Michael Will Impact South Jersey

Hurricane Michael is now a tropical storm. It’s winds have slowed down to 50 miles per hour and is moving at 23 miles per hour East through North Carolina. Michael’s current path shows that it will move into Virginia before making it’s way into the Atlantic Ocean.

What these means for our area.

Even though South Jersey wont see a hurricane/tropical storm we will be getting rain and wind. With Michael 100 miles off the coast we will be seeing winds between 25mph- 45mph. South Jersey will see rain totals between 2 to 3 inches of rain.

For the shore points it is possible for flooding.

Timing for the worst of this starts later tonight. Do yourself a favor and remove anything that can get pushed around in the wind also move your car to higher ground. High tide is at 10:17 which with all the rain will cause flooding.

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