How The Wildwood Beach Is Cleaned Daily

Have you ever wondered how every day when you go to the beach there isn’t a spot of trash to be found?

How The Wildwood Beach Is Cleaned Daily

How The Wildwood Beach Is Cleaned Daily

This was a great question the Cusa family from Delaware had. They wanted to know, “how are the beached so clean every single day?”

The easy answer would be that mermaids come out of the water at night and collect it all but it’s a bit more than that. With five miles of beaches to clean there are teams of people who work hard to keep them clean.

Every single day before the sun rises, city employees, which are broken down into teams, head out to the beach in a few different machines.

One team drives to the trash cans and picks up the bigger things that couldn’t fit in the cans. Think broken beach chairs, umbrellas, and shovels.

Behind this team is a trash truck that picks up the cans and dumps them in their attached dumpster.

As this is going on many different trackers roam the beach dragging a giant rake. This rake collects all of the trash that was left on the beach.

This is what when you come to the beach early in the morning you will see these strange marks in the sand.

Once the trash is in one central location it is disposed of.

On top of this, our city has many volunteer trash collection organizations that do beach cleanups throughout the year!

You can learn more about those organizations and cleanup stations by clicking the link below.

Public Cleanup Station Now Open in Wildwood Crest

Now you know how our amazing beaches are cleaned daily! Thank you to our city workers who do an amazing job!

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