How We Make Wildwood Pins

How We Make Wildwood Pins

How We Make Wildwood Pins

For those who don’t know, I am a big pin collector. Everywhere I go I like to collect, trade or purchased new pins. As a young 8 year old back in the 90s, I was given my first Wildwood pin. Since then I hadn’t seen one so I started creating my own.

Currently we have created 5 different pins in the Wildwood pin collection series. A lot of you asked how I make these pin so I decided to film a video about it.

These are the pins we still have for sale

Wildwood Exit Sign Pin –

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse –

Check out our video below and please subscribe! –

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About The Author

My name is Joey Contino. I am a big lover of anything Wildwood. I have lived and worked in Wildwood my whole life. I worked jobs from working on the beach renting umbrellas and chairs to being a supervisor at Morey's Piers. Wildwood is my life and my home!