Ida Remains To Drop Heavy Rain On New Jersey

Hurricane Ida is now a Tropical Depression after it lost its wind speed but that still doesn’t make it a quiet storm.

The remains of Ida are projected to move into the Tri-state area by Wednesday and will depart by Thursday early evening.

This storm is promising to bring much rain to our area. In their latest press briefing, the National Weather Service said that there could be widespread rainfall of 2 to 5 inches with the highest amounts around the I-95 corridor.

Depending on the track of the storm, the rain totals could be closer to 6 inches. In their 6 AM reporting, NWS has the track morning move from over Washington D.C. and through Cape May County. This track is much more Southern than our report last night.

With water totals that high, it is possible to see flooding and flash flooding Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night.

High tide on Thursday is 5:11 AM and 5:31 PM. Be sure to move your car to higher grounds in areas that normally flood.

Some severe thunderstorms are possible, mainly across Southern NJ and Delmarva.

Tune back later for more details

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