Walking the Wildwood Boardwalk In a 30s Suit???

You’re probably reading the title of this video and seeing the cover photo and saying what is going on here. Well, I have a really good explanation.

Here at the Wildwood Video Archive, we spend quite a lot of time looking at old home movies. It’s why we started the archive. We go out to estate sales and search online on eBay for old 16mm, 8mm, and super 8mm films so that we can preserve our digital history.

In many of the 16mm and early 8mm films, we see people get dressed to the nines while visiting the Wildwood Boardwalk. Men would wear full suits and women would wear beautiful long dresses.

This had us thinking. What was it like to wear a full suit on the Wildwood Boardwalk during those very hot summers?
To find out for ourselves, we went out and purchased a cotton Seersucker suit, with a matching bow and straw boater hat.

Join us as we walk from North Wildwood to Mariner’s pier to test our theory.

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