Wildwood On The National Anthem Playing On The Boardwalk

The Wildwoods are truly an amazing place. We are one of the last towns in America that takes time every single day, during the summer season, to play our America’s National Anthem.

The 11 am playing of the National Anthem has been a stable on the island as far as historians can remember.

For the past few weeks, we have been receiving many complaints about not being able to hear the National Anthem.

Today the city’s BID and SID put out a press release in regards to these concerns.

They went on to say that the Boardwalk Sound System sustained damage that is going to keep certain sections offline for the remainder of the season.

Those areas in particular are from Schellenger Avenue South. These major repair issues involve the fiber optic lines that control the system and run in conduit under the boardwalk.

These optic lines have been damaged so badly that it created these outages on the boardwalk.

BID and SID are working very hard to get the fiber optics repaired and the announcement system working again.

In the meanwhile, this may affect the National Anthem being played as well as announcements regarding fireworks on Friday night.

Tune back later for more details.

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