Inside A North Wildwood Victorian House

The Wildwoods have a long history of being a summer time resort. This is what the Baker Brothers had in mind when they first purchased their land on the Five Mile Beach in the late 1880s. They really pushed to make the Wildwoods the perfect ‘fresh air’ destination from Philadelphia.

It was around that time when trees started getting cut down to make way for roads, train tracks, beach bungalows and hotels.

Unlike the Doo-Wop Mid-Century motels you know the Wildwoods for, back then their hotels, such as the Hotel Dorsey, Hotel Daton, The Adelphia-Witte, were built in a Queen Anne or Victorian style architecture.

While not too many of the hotels in that style still stand on the island, there are a decent amount of Victorian houses.

Today we are getting a rare look inside one of them.

Located at 2406 Central Avenue in North Wildwood this house is on the market for $1,149,777. It was built in 1900 and has a modern take on the Victorian architecture.

The post gave us a ton of photos to look at. Check them out below and let us know what you think.

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