Jimmies or Sprinkles?

On Tuesday we decided to have a little fun and poll our viewers on the question, “what do you call the colorful topping you put on your ice cream.” We gave our viewers two options to answer with, Jimmies or Sprinkles. 

Before you continue, take the poll and see how everyone else fairs

Jimmies or Sprinkles?

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We would have never thought that this would have gotten the kind of response that it did. 

By the end of the day on Wednesday we had over two thousand responses and comments. People from as far as Maine and as low as Florida answered our question. 

We figured with this new found data we got that we should put together a map indicating what percent each state felt the name belonged to. 

For data reasons we are only observing the states, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. These are the states that had the highest answers. 

Here is our map !!!!


Jimmies or Sprinkles?

Jimmies or Sprinkles Data?

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