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Jumbo Jet Vintage Video (And History)

Jumbo Jet Vintage Video

When you think of historic coasters here in the Wildwoods there are a few that come to mind. The top three folks normally go towards are the Hunt’s Flyer, Jack Jabbit, and The Jumbo Jet.

The Jumbo Jet was a steel roller coaster at Morey’s Piers on Morey’s Surfside pier (back then just named Morey’s Pier) 

In 1975, the Morey brothers traveled to Germany and purchased the Jumbo Jet for $400,000. Before purchasing it they wanted to make sure it was a coaster that all families would love. It would be a first of its kind in our area and a real statement for Moreys.

Morey’s Surfside Pier had to be extended a total of 250 feet (76 m) to make room for the Jumbo Jet. Despite the expense, however, Jumbo Jet became one of the most popular roller coasters on the Jersey Shore and was credited for increasing attendance at Morey’s Piers. It was the second and final Jet Star 3 / Jumbo Jet model coaster to be built in the state of New Jersey. (The others were located up in North Jersey)

The Jumbo Jet was enjoyed by all until 1987 when it was sold to a German broker. The broker traded the coaster to Gorky Park in Moscow for two railroad cars of ketchup. Why Ketchup you may ask? At that time the Ruble, the Russian currency, wasn’t accepted outside of the Soviet Union at the time.

There is no word on what happened to the Jumbo Jet after it got to Russia. Gorky Park was completely stripped of its rides and is now mostly just a park.

Below is a retro video of what the Jumbo Jet looked like on Morey’s Surfside Pier.

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