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Jumbo’s Rebrands As Founders Grub & Pub

Jumbo’s Rebrands As Founders Grub & Pub

It was 1976 when Morey’s Piers made the bold decision to purchase the Marine Pier located at Schellenger Avenue and the Boardwalk.

For the first time, Morey’s Pier was expanding their entertainment footprint out of their original pier on 26th Street, Surfside Pier.

On the pier, on the southern face of the pier, an existing restaurant once stood selling everything from pizza to hamburgers. This restaurant wasn’t owned by Morey’s Piers but it was instead leased out.

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Up until that time, none of the concessions were fully owned by the Moreys. It was these partnerships with vendors that landed them with people like Joe “Curley” Marchiano who introduced the world to his famous Curley’s Fries. (Later Morey’s would acquire the brand and recipe)

By the time the late 90s rolled around the Morey’s knew they wanted to add a sit-down restaurant of their own on the property.

Founders Grub & Pub

Founders Grub & Pub

In 1999 Morey’s Pier introduced Jumbo’s Seafood restaurant or known also as Jumbo’s Boardwalk Grille and Eatery. It became a huge hit by not only offering boardwalk foods but also offering higher-end food in the parks. This was a first for a seaside park.

One of the biggest meals of the restaurant was their Jumbo-sized pizza pies which ran something like 24 inches wide.

Morey’s used this restaurant for more than dinners but also for party rooms. From 2000 until 2016, guests could have their birthday on the piers with a special dining corner of the restaurant. This is where the line, “On my birthday, I parted on the pier,” came from.

Over the years the restaurant saw many different changes including extending the restaurant to add a patio, a few logo changes and in 2018 the addition of a bar called “Founders.”

The name, Founders, was a nod to the founders who helped build Morey’s Piers into the beloved destination it is today.

This bar sat in the newer extension section of the restaurant and offered your traditional selection of beer and cocktails. There you could order anything off the Jumbo’s menu.

This outdoor section became a bigger hit than the restaurant itself and is even a main feature of the Oktoberfest celebrations.

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It looks like after 24 years, Morey’s Piers is going to capitalize on the success of Founders by renaming the restaurant from Jumbo Grub and Pub to Founders Grub and Pub.

The announcement came from the official Jumbo Grub and Pub Facebook page that said “We’re excited to announce that Jumbo’s Grub & Pub is now Founders Grub & Pub.

Included in the post were several photos showcasing the new signage in and outside of the building.

Morey’s shared the post and added that they are still cooking up those classic Jersey Shore favorites that keep us coming back for more.

Founders will open for the 2023 season this weekend. We wish Morey’s Piers the best of luck with Founders Grub & Pub.