Last Chance To Own A Wildwood Street Sign

Last Chance To Own A Wildwood Street Sign

Last Chance To Own A Wildwood Street Sign

A month ago The Wildwood Historical Society announced the chance to win (Purchase on Ebay) authentic street signs from the City of Wildwood! You can read our first posting on that by clicking the link below.

Wildwood Street Sign Auction 2020

This eBay auction event started on June 25 and was supposed to end August 16 but they were able to obtain new signs from the city. The city has been replacing its old signs and was generously passing the old ones on to the society as a fundraiser for our nonprofit’s mission of preserving Wildwoods history.

Today is the last auction for some of the Wildwood Signs

If you click the link you can see a list of signs with starting prices (

Below are some FAQs

1 – Do you have signs for North Wildwood, Wildwood Crest or West Wildwood?
No, we only have SELECT signs from the City of Wildwood. See the list above for what’s available.

2- Do you have signs that aren’t listed above?
No, all the signs we have are listed above. We have done a thorough inventory and know exactly what we have. If it’s not listed, we don’t have it.

3 – Will more signs be available in the future?
It is possible, but we don’t know for sure. We also don’t know what signs the city still plans to replace. The new signs are green and the old ones are white.

4 – Are the signs authentic? How old are they?
Yes, all the signs are authentic and stood at intersections for at least 20 years. We don’t know exactly what year they were put up.

5 – Can you ship my order?Pickup at our museum is preferred. Our hours and address are listed at the bottom of our website. Because these signs are fairly large, it is very expensive and difficult to ship them. If pickup isn’t an option, we reserve the right to delay shipping until we find a box that your sign will fit in. It may take over a week to ship.

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