NEW Hotel – Mahalo Diamond Beach!

There is a new hotel opening up this summer in the Wildwoods called Mahalo Diamond Beach.

In our latest Wildwoods Construction update video, which you can see at the bottom of this article, we mentioned this project but didn’t give you too many details.

Back in November, we announced that the Regal Plaza, located at 9501 Atlantic Ave in Wildwood Crest, had sold for a whopping $5,192,000.

The purchaser was ”Mahalo Diamond Beach LLC.” If you follow this page enough you would know that the name “Mahalo” sounds familiar.”

There is another Mahalo resort currently under construction in Wildwood Crest and that is at the old Ocean Holiday at 6501 Ocean Ave.

NEW Hotel - Mahalo Diamond Beach!

NEW Hotel – Mahalo Diamond Beach!

These two motels are owned by the same parent company, ICONA resorts.

ICONA Resorts has a strong footprint here in South Jersey. They own two motels in Avalon, three in the Wildwoods and one (soon two) in Cape May. On top of that, they are also working with Gillian’s Wonderland in Ocean City.

Their latest adventure are the newly branded Mahalo resorts geared towards families.

There aren’t too many details that are coming out about the Mahalo Diamond Beach but they just launched a website that you can check out by clicking HERE.

Here’s a little blurb they have on the site.

“Whether you’re soaking up the sun & sounds of the surf on the beach, capturing the delight in your little one’s eyes as they meet the colorful Mahalo Macaw “Maui,” exploring all that the island has to offer on our beach cruisers, splashing & playing together in the pool’s waterfall, or simply relaxing in your fresh, breezy new suite…there’s no shortage of exciting experiences & memories to be made at Mahalo.”

From the looks of it, you are able to book a room for Summer 2022. Prices start at $129 and run all the way up to $550.

In late January Mahalo Diamond Beach also created a Facebook page that says “Mahalo Diamond Beach beachfront hotel is coming soon to Diamond Beach, NJ!”

Stay tuned for a follow-up video where we visit the former Regal Plaza and give you a tour of their construction. That video will be online on Saturday, March 5th so keep an eye out for it.

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