Regal Plaza Motor Inn SOLD!!!!

Here’s one news story that we’ve been itching to tell you guys we’re waiting for the official confirmation.

As we open up New Jersey Public Records, we find that Regal Plaza Motor Inn located at 9501 Atlantic Avenue in Wildwood crest has sold.

Regal Plaza Motor Inn had sold for a whopping $5,192,000. (that’s a ton of dough).

It is one of the most expensive motel sales we have seen down here in a very long time.

Regal Plaza Motor Inn SOLD!!!!

Regal Plaza Motor Inn SOLD!!!!

The selling of this motel isn’t the big news of this story though. The LLC that purchased the motel is “Mahalo Diamond Beach LLC.”

This name should be ringing a bell in your head. The reason why is that there is another Mahalo motel being built in the Wildwoods at the old Ocean Holiday Motel.

For those who don’t know, the Ocean Holiday Motel is being completely gutted to become the new motel, Mahalo Wildwood.

This motel will feature a full waterpark and top-tier amenities. The main idea behind the Mahalo Wildwood is the bring the fun of a motel stay back to the kids but also offer top service that its parent company is known for.

Who is this parent company mentioned? ICONA!

That’s right! ICONA once again is coming through with another purchase of a motel/hotel resort in our area.

In the past few years, they have been making massive moves a the Jersey shore.

They first purchased the Ocean Holiday Motel, then they purchased the Windrift in March, they purchased the old Beach Theater in Cape May, and now purchased the Regal Plaza Motor Inn.

On top of all of this, they gutted their Diamond Beach resort and renovated it (they still are) and will be presenting the the Cape May planning and zoning board their new seven story hotel that they want to built at the old Beach Theater location and they got into the amusement business in Ocean City.

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