ICONA Resorts Acquires Windrift Hotel In Avalon

ICONA Resorts, whose Diamond Beach location has recently was named the best in the State and one of the best in the Country, has made a MAJOR announcement today.

ICONA Resorts Acquires Windrift Hotel In Avalon

ICONA Resorts Acquires Windrift Hotel In Avalon

In a press release put out this morning, they confirmed the rumor that last month they purchased the Windrift Hotel In Avalon, New Jersey.

With this acquisition, ICONA’s portfolio now includes ICONA Avalon, ICONA Cape May, ICONA Diamond Beach and the Windrift.

When asked about the purchase, ICONA Resorts Founder Eustace Mita said that, “The Windrift is one of the most recognized and beloved hotels in South Jersey. We are thrilled to add their exceptional team and beautiful hotel to our portfolio of award-winning beachfront resorts. We look forward to serving our guests at another beautiful property that they can call home.”

ICONA Resorts is teaming with their sister company, Achristavest Properties and Caritas Construction, to do a full renovation of the 104-room hotel bringing in winter 2021.

This renovation will not only have the rooms updated but also the commons areas.

ICONA hopes to have it completed by summer 2022.

Be sure to tune back over the next year as we bring you some behind the scenes construction photos this winter.

At this time ICONA is working on two different projects besides the Windrift.

They had purchased the Ocean Holiday back in 2019 and will resume contraction on the project in about a month.

They are currently doing a complete overhaul of their world class Diamond beach location.

We took a tour of the building a few weeks back. Check out some of those photos by clicking the link below.

Inside Look At ICONA Diamond Beach’s Renovations!