What’s Open In Wildwood For Easter Weekend 2021

Over the past weekend the number one question we have been getting is “what will be open over Easter Weekend?”

What’s Open In Wildwood For Easter Weekend 2021

What’s Open In Wildwood For Easter Weekend 2021

If you are like my family, Easter weekend was always a ‘taste of summer’ weekend where we would visit Morey’s Piers for opening day and do an Easter Egg hunt with Ed’s Funcade.

This year due to covid things will be a bit different. Let’s talk about what will be open and what Easter activities will take place.

The biggest change you will see is that Morey’s Piers will be open but NOT their rides.

Every year since we could remember Morey’s Piers had Easter Weekend as the opening day for Mainer’s Pier.

In a recent press release they announced that they will open their rides on May 8th, in time for Mother’s Day Weekend.

The good news out of this is that both Curley’s Fries and Mariner’s Arcade will be open along with some games and ticket booths (guest services). This way you can purchase your tickets and season passes in advance. (Keep in mind their Spring Sale starts April 1st)

Easter Events wise we are seeing Lime Ricky World, which opens March 26th, offer an Easter Egg Hunt behind their location on Saturday from noon until 3PM.

Other Egg hunts such as the Greater Wildwood Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt are not going on.

Now normally this weekend businesses start to open as they like to follow Morey’s Piers schedule BUT due to Morey’s not being fully open we could see some stores not open yet.

Keep in mind that every business on the boardwalk is operated on their own. There are no set hours or dates when they will be open.

The good news is that many boardwalk places have already started opening weekends such as Mack’s Pizza, Sam’s Pizza, The Retro Arcade, Gateway 26, East Side Surf, The Hot Spot, Franconis, and The Fudge Kitchen (open year-round).

Off the boardwalk there are so many other places opening up this weekend as well such as Super Tully, Two Mile Landing and more plus there are year-round places open such as Laura’s Fudge, Owens, MudHen and more!

If you are looking to attend mass down in Wildwood below is the info on Easter mass.

Saturday 8:00 PM – St. Ann Church – Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil Mass

Sunday 8:30 AM – Assumption Church – Easter Sunday

Sunday 8:30 AM – St. Ann Church – Easter Sunday

Sunday 10:30 AM – Assumption Church – Easter Sunday

Sunday 10:30 AM – St. Ann Church – Easter Sunday

The Wildwood Crest Easter Bunny will be seen on Wednesday March 31st from 3:30 onwards to Cresse Ave

No matter what, if you make plans to come down to the Wildwoods you will have a fantastic time! We hope to see you on the beach!

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