Boardwalk Mall To Expand

The Boardwalk Mall, located at Garfield Avenue and the Boardwalk, has been going through some major changes these past few years.

Boardwalk Mall To Expand

Boardwalk Mall To Expand

The biggest change came last year when Capt’n Jacks opened up a second location on the second floor of the building.

If you want to check out those construction photos from early 2020 click the link below.

Capt’n Jacks Construction Update

Now it turns out that the Boardwalk Mall’s footprint is going to get a bit bigger.

In a public notice posted online, we are learning that 3800 Boardwalk, LLC, which is code word for The Boardwalk Mall, has put in an application to add a deck in the front and side of the building.

The application reads;

“3800 Boardwalk, LLC…seek[s] approval to construct a second-floor cantilevered deck at the property.”

As the application gets very worded, in short it says that it wants to add an 85 foot long deck in the front that will extend 6 feet, and 36 foot long deck on Garfield Ave which also extends 6 feet on the second floor.

With the addition of this area, Capt’n Jacks will give guests an amazing view that hasn’t been seen before.

The city will vote on this application on Monday April 5th at 6:00 p.m.

To join the virtual hearing, enter Meeting ID: 819 3295 5995 and Passcode: 996396 at 

What do you think about this new deck? Have you been to the new Capt’n Jacks yet?

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